Sunday Morning Musings

“In the beginning was the Blogger. The Post was as yet formless and void, but pure Potentiality hovered over the face of the Tablet.”- GaS 1:1

Genesis: A Blog is Born

So how do we do this blogging thing? How does it work? It’s not like I haven’t written anything before or even that I’ve never ventured into the ‘blogosphere’ of thoughts, ideas and self expression on previous occasions.

This will be my 5th blog in 6yrs. Yeah, I know. “That’s a lot of blogs, buddy”. But we all change, grow, get tired of the old and stretch forward toward the new. Sometimes people start over because they’ve lost their way and want to begin fresh. Other times they just need a clean slate and would rather not be bogged down or hindered by the past, be it successes or failures.

The great thing about blogging, or I think writing of any kind, is that it’s your “Universe from Nothing”. Ex Nihilo, you create the world you want to see and hopefully, others will visit and want to read too. Blogging is a bit different in that with Likes, Comments, Follows and even the occasional Reblog there’s a kind of Instant Gratification and feedback that most writing doesn’t really get. This can be good for the most part. We human beings are generally a kind and helpful lot, mostly willing to encourage and give a pat on the back or a thoughtful constructive critique. I’ve found both in my time on WordPress, but I’ve also been the recipient, and sadly sometimes the originator, of the opposite type of Feedback. Mea culpa and my apologies for anyone I’ve been so rude and crass with my words to destroy or discourage in my past attempts.

Merely is a Loaded Word

We are all merely human. But is Merely an appropriate word for Humanity? Aren’t we all just trying to do our best, successes and failures, trials and errors, blessings and curses among the running tally of results that is our lives? “Fearfully and Wonderfully made”, so it says in the Bible, “… In apprehension, so like a god” says William Shakespeare. And yet, the Bard acknowledges in the next breath that we are “… but dust”.

We Write our own Pages

I believe we have great potential, for good and also for evil. History demonstrates the penchant for ambitious and selfish men and women to do absolutely horrible and ‘demonic’ things to their fellow humans when unbridled and unlimited by a common sense of decency and empathy. I don’t believe it is our “default” disposition or nature to disregard others in this way. I believe we as Humanity are basically… Naturally… good and kind and empathetic. It’s how we have survived millennia in societies where solidarity and cooperation have been in our best interests and how we have come to identify Evil as that which would destroy that commraderie and societal well being, in all its forms.


But again, how to start this current Incarnation, this Genesis of my blogging endeavors? Today, there is a blank page. Let’s fill it together. Thank you for joining in the Journey.



“Grab a Spine”: The Ship is Underway

Hopefully, we fare better than her

Welcome to “Grab a Spine”, my books and reading life blog where the plan is to Read new and exciting books of various genres that appeal to me, Review what I’ve read and share my impressions and thoughts with you, and then Repeat the cycle by Grabbing another Spine off the shelf.

I don’t claim to be an expert or a great writer/reviewer myself, but I do know what I like and I know that I love to read and communicate about what I’m learning. Here at “Grab a Spine” we will be periodically reviewing books I’ve read, ones I’m still reading and talking about bookish things in general.

From one of our latest Book Hauls

We’ll also have opportunity to discuss life issues “outside of the pages” On occasion like Poetry, music/guitars, dogs, pipe smoking (yes, pipe smoking), DE and Straight Razor shaving, coffee, family and a few others that have to do with hearth and home. Lest you think I’m spreading the butter a bit thin, I’ll assure you up front that the primary focus of Grab a Spine will be Books, Reading/writing and Life.

I’m a 50 something guy in central Arizona with a wife and a “bulldog” of a Maltese dog. Our lives used to be much different and much more out of the house, but now we’re in transition back to our First Love of books, reading and learning. Why not come along for the Journey as we Set Sail for Adventure on the Literary High Seas. So come on and Grab a Spine off your shelf and read along with me.