Why do you Believe what you believe about god?


Pride, Tolerance, Grace and Acceptance

For Pride Month: (oh boy, am I in for it after this)

It’s about being who you Are and loving who you Love. And encouraging others, even though they may disagree, to have the same Tolerance and Grace to accept others as they accept you, though they may disagree with you on things.

In 2019, 21st Century America, you shouldn’t have to explain Tolerance and Grace and Acceptance. But I guess we still do.

The Gospels point to the words of Christ to “love your neighbor as yourself”, then goes on to identify “neighbor” with the ones the Jews considered their biggest ‘enemies’ for Religious reasons, the Samaritans.

Point being: You can’t love, accept and show kindness to people you should be most motivated to do so to… while at the same time treating them like monsters, subhuman and enemies.

You may not agree. You may not like. You may not believe the same way. And you may not, in your heart, ‘want’ to accept them for who they are and who they love… But not only Must you, in a pluralistic, secular, tolerant society… But I now believe the Jesus of the New Testament Commands you to.

“Love your neighbor (the ones you most disagree with from a religious point of view) as yourself”.
“Do unto others (Show the same love, tolerance and acceptance) as you would have them do unto you.”

Not that you think their are doing to you now. That would be payback and possibly retaliation. But “Sow the Seeds” in others that you want to “Reap” from them in return.

Stop the hate. Stop the vitriol. Stop the invective. Start accepting people for Who they Are and Who they Love, even if you for religious and personal reasons disagree.

That’s Love, Acceptance and Tolerance in a pluralistic society that I believe even Jesus would agree to. We are ALL Americans. All of US. Start acting like it and treating others like it too. Nuff said.

Flawless Logic

Apologetics when you already have the answer

“I went to a cave once and found it empty. Clearly, this is not only proof that Batman is real, but that he once used the very cave I stumbled upon as his “Batcave” out of which he fought crime and took down super villains. Yep. I see no flaw AT ALL in my logic here. Evidence is evidence whether we like it or not, and I say I’ve found the Batcave. Period.

Apologetics Definition

“We find what we want to find to fit what we want to fit.”

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: The Dodge

A blogger wrote a blog including an quote uncomfortably close to ‘fatalism’ or Divine Determinism that it seemed she wasn’t aware she was making. I attempted to help her make the connection in what she was saying and clarify if she really meant that. I believe she caught my drift but apparently wasn’t willing to admit either her misstatement or her agreement with what she had stated. Here for your amusement: The Dodge.

Then my follow up question…

Finally, the dodge after about 12hrs she saw fit to “respond” with a condecending no response.

It’s not me who doesn’t want answers to questions. Some people know where the answer leads but are unwilling to follow or admit that they were either mistaken or that they actually believe what they intended to convey.

This is the dishonesty and self delusion that Apologetics leads you to. Dodging both questions and answers that are uncomfortable.

Currently Reading: The Hobbit

We just got back from a trip to see in-laws in Massachusetts. The flights were long from Arizona, but I had King Rat bye China Mieville to keep me occupied. And it definitely did.

Although the writing was good and the story arc and narrative was top notch, the story itself was weird. Kind of a modern retelling and twist of the Pied Piper of Hamelin where hundreds of years later the King Rat returns to take his revenge and right all wrongs.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it as YA fiction, but alas… it’s departing my shelves as I will probably never read it again.

But having been sucked into the Game of Thrones, now quite disappointedly ending on HBO, I’m taking a trip thru JRR Tolkien again starting with The Hobbit.

Why not join me on an unexpected journey to adventure as we re-tour thru Middle Earth?