Some people’s thinking: What?

“Richard Nixon was in The Watchmen movie… Richard Nixon was a historical person…

Therefore everything that happened

and everyone else in The Watchmen movie is historically accurate and true”


For Mel in answer to a comment on his post regarding his brother and my brother

Because my comment wouldn’t post on his BLOG

Mel, to be honest, it was my dad’s passing in 2010 that started me down the path to questioning whether what I had been taught as a Christian was really true or not. My dad was not a believer in Christ. As good a man, better than most and a lot better than most Christians I know, I tried to reconcile him going to hell. So i re-read all the passages on the existence of hell and what the bible had to say about the destination of all who either don’t believe or refuse Christ.
I read Edward fudge on Conditional Eternal Life. Then Love Wins by the other guy about universal atonement, then read the bible passages… The more I read, the less I saw hell as an actual existing place of the damned. Then started questioning just about everything, eventually even the origins and history of the bible itself.
I can’t say that I’m atheist. I don’t think I am. I still want to believe that God exists. But I know with what I’ve learned… I cannot be a Christian.
I’ve been “away from” Christianity for a few years now, but I could never see myself returning.
I hope all is well for you and your family during this season of loss

Farewell Henry

To the Heathen Heretic Dog

You will be missed. You left behind so much love and family, both Natural and Supernatural. I remember the home group you invited me to when I first got to Tricity. Thank you for always being real, honest and passionate for Truth.